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Croatia to attract Israeli capital

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Croatian-Israeli Business Club as entrance door for Israeli capital in EU

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This year’s Croatian-Israeli Business Club Christmas gathering of Club members and supporters assembled a number of prominent members of business and academic communities, including His Excellency Yosef Amrani, Israeli ambassador to Croatia, Zagreb Rabbi Mr Prelević, ministers Mr Đuro Popijač and Mr Radovan Fuchs, Mr Joško Paro, Advisor to the President of the Republic of Croatia and ambassador, and Mr Rajko Ostojić and Mr Štef Violić, members of Sabor, the Croatian Parliament. The guests of the Club were also famous athletes Mr Dario Šimić, Mr Franjo Arapović and Mr Veljko Mršić, Mr Pero Lučin, the Rector of the University of Rijeka and member of the Advisory Committee of the Club, Mr Matko Bolanča, Pliva CEO, as well as managers and chief editors of nearly every media company in Croatia. The event also took place just before the Croatian delegation lead by prime minister Mrs Jadranka Kosor visit to Israel, scheduled for January 11th and 12th next year.

The President and one of the founders of the Club, Mr Dragan Primorac, summed up the past activities of the Club pointing out the fact that the Club brought together the leading Croatian and Israeli businessmen and politicians who take part in the Club’s advisory bodies. Talking about the forthcoming visit to Israel, Mr Primorac said that the goal of the visit was to establish direct contacts between twenty companies from each of the countries involved.

The objective of the Croatian-Israeli Business Club is to make Croatia the key point of interest for Israeli investors and capital, and Israel’s gate to Europe. Croatian-Israeli Business Club members are distinguished members of social, political and business communities of the Republic of Croatia and the State of Israel.

Croatia on the Israeli model

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Education is the only way to achieve economic growth

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Croatian support to Israel

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