Israel magic summer in Novalja

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The Embassy of the State of Israel in Croatia in co-organization with the Croatian-Israeli Business Club (CIBC) and other is organizing a series of events in Novalja this summer. The events will present the culture, art, gastronomy, fashion and many other aspects of life in Israel.

Upcoming visit of the President of USA College Board Mr. Gaston Caperton to Croatia

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Dragan Primorac and Gaston Caperton during recent Summit Series Meeting

During his recent visit to USA, CIBC President Dragan Primorac met with Gaston Caperton, President of one of the most important American educational institutions, USA College Board and his wife Dr. Idit Harel Caperton and arranged their visit to Croatia during the spring or summer of 2012.

With a series of highly influential positions that Governor Caperton (Governor of West Virginia in two terms (1989-1997)) held during his political career in the U.S., Gaston Caperton, among others, was the president of the Association of Governors of the United States – members of the Democratic Party (Chair of the Democratic Governors Association). He is the eighth elected president of the USA College Board in U.S. history and holds the title of Honorary Doctor of Science at ten U.S. universities.  College Board conducts most important decisions about education in the United States, especially in the implementation of SAT tests that decide the future enrollment of students at American universities. SAT tests are the equivalent of state final examination (state matura) in the Republic of Croatia.

During his stay in Croatia, Mr. Gaston Caperton will hold a presentation on long-term strategy of the United States regarding the development of the education system, Advanced Placement Program and the concept of SAT Tests. Given the role of Mr. Gaston Caperton in American society, especially in the the Democratic Party, his visit to the Republic of Croatia will have a special significance.

Dr. Idit Gaston Caperton, is a very well known world expert in the field of epistemology and education psychology. She is the founder and CEO of MaMaMedia Inc., the executive director of the MaMaMedia Consulting Group (MCG), and founder and president of the World Wide Workshop Foundation. Also, Dr. Idit Harel Caperton is an advisor for several non-profit educational initiatives and is a regular featured speaker at universities and educational conferences worldwide. During her visit to Croatia she will hold a presentation on the impact of computer-based new media technology on the social and academic development of children and on The Globaloria Program, an online social network for learning through game and simulation production.

The meeting of CIBC members and members of the Charitable society Cro Unum

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CIBC hosted Prof. Rafael Beyar during his visit to Croatia

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Interviews with Eliezer Sandberg, CIBC Advisory Board Member and Lev Zaidenberg, CIBC Member and CEO of Energtek

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Prof. Dragan Primorac and Sir Richard Branson, Summit Series in Miami, 2011.

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CIBC President Prof. Dragan Primorac successfully participated at an event of Summit Series – an American organization that brings together the new leaders of the world of today from the ranks of US politicians, businessmen and public figures.

Numerous meetings between Prof. Primorac and world leaders were focused on promoting Croatia as a destination for world investments and capital.


Economic-Scientific Forum, Zagreb 02.03.2011.

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Economic development based on science and technology

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The factors which turned Israel from an agriculture based society to a high-tech society are government policy supportive for R&D in high technology, strong academic system, necessity (Israel is in the region with many conflicts) immigration, innovation, creativity  and a unique cultural scene which includes an immigration structured society, obligatory military service and mentality, explained the former President of the Israel Institute of Technology – Technion, professor Yitzhak Apeloig on the Economic-Scientific Forum.

The Forum was organized by the Croatian-Israeli Business Club and the Embassy of Israel in the Republic of Croatia in cooperation with Libertas Business College, business weekly LIDER, Future Network, eSTUDENT and eALUMNI, organizations of the best students and their alumni in Croatia.

The forum was opened with a statement by His Excellency Yosef Amrani, Israeli Ambassador to Croatia and Mr Dragan Primorac, president of the CIBC who gave an introduction to the main topic of the Forum. The Forum was marked by the presentation of professor Yitzhak Apeloig, former president of the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), one of the most prestigious institutes in Israel and one of the most prestigious in the world. Technion lead by professor Apeloig from 2001-2009 played a major role in the transformation of the Israeli economy and was a pioneer and creator of infrastructure for the high-tech industry.

The numbers which were presented clearly show why Israel is one of the best examples of success in connecting science with economy. The Israeli economy is achieving a 5% GDP growth rate,  $11 billion of investments in the high-tech sector, $200 billion GDP out of which $54 billion is exports, 3000 companies in the high-tech sector, 1500 start-up companies, the highest rate of employees in the high-tech industry in the world, the biggest number of companies outside the US which are listed on NASDAQ (over 70) and about $2 billion investments in high-tech companies. These are all clear evidences of strength of the Israeli high-technology sector.

The presentation was followed by a discussion about Croatian opportunities in developing an economy based on science and technology. Participants of the discussion were  Mr Radovan Fuchs, Minister of science, education and sports of the Republic of Croatia, Mr Boris Cota, Advisor to the President of the Republic of Croatia, Mr Vilim Ribić, president of the Register of Croatian Unions, Mr Dalibor Marijanović, General Manager of the Business Innovation Center of Croatia (BICRO), Mr Dragan Primorac, CIBC President and professor at the University of Split and Osijek in Croatia and professor at the University of Pennsylvania and University of New Haven, USA, Mr Darinko Bago, CEO of Končar – Electrical Industries Inc. and Mr Matko Bolanča, CEO of PLIVA.

CIBC on Croatian National Television

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CIBC President Mr. Dragan Primorac and one of the founders of CIBC Mr. Nikica Gabrić will be guests of the famous show “Lica Nacije” of the Croatian National Television. The topic of the show will be: “How much do private investments in health care improve the people’s health quality, market competition and public health standard?”

The show will be broadcasted on Monday 31st January at 11.35pm (CET) on the 1st channel of Croatian National Television (HRT1).

Croatia to attract Israeli capital

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