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Support To Strengthening Of Investment Opportunities In EU-Israel Economic Relations

Support to Strengthening of Investment Opportunities in EU-Israel Economic Relations


Survey for relevant stakeholders in the EU-Israel bilateral investment ecosystem

The EU-Israel relations are characterised by stable and long-lasting links between the partners. Israel is a unique economic partner in the EU’s neighbourhood with a highly developed innovation ecosystem producing cutting-edge technologies in many areas. This provides an important potential for increased cooperation for EU operators, investors and other possible stakeholders.

In this context, the European Commission has funded a project aimed at strengthening the EU-Israel economic relations, in particular in the field of investment in fast developing sectors. The objective of the project is to create stronger links in the targeted sectors and explore synergies in areas where an increasing presence of EU economic operators can be mutually beneficial for the EU and Israel.

The project consists of drafting three sector-specific policy papers on ways to deepen EU-Israel trade and investment relations. Each policy paper will be followed by a workshop for the presentation of the results.

In practical terms, the Study Team is contacting stakeholders in Israel and in Europe to collect valuable insights and information. The experiences of these stakeholders will be crucial for the assessment required by the project and the findings will heavily rely on the input collected through surveys and interviews.
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